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We believe that knowledges concerning the future development direction of the world should be shared and spread. Here in the knowledge base, information that might change the world will be presented. Through uncovering the most up-to-date research results, international organization events, and other SDGs progress, you are able to see what is happening to build the future. 

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Book Release on the Future of Education by Dr. Shirley

27 Dec 2021 


SIIP supports the release of a new insightful book- Futures of Education: Community, Quality Service, Diversity, Commitment on SDGs written by Dr Shirley Yeung. The new book of Dr. Shirley Yeung provides a good landscape for the key elements of Futures of Education, including interactive and integrative use of corporate social responsibility via her committed and ongoing research and dialogue with stakeholders with multidisciplinary knowledge. The humble observation with practical actions of Dr. Shirley Yeung highlights the importance of a new mindset with innovations transformations, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and UNPRME principles. For example, the model for creative art cultural studies and a review of Sustainability Reports of a selected case corporation.The book of Transformations via SDGs for the Futures of Education highlights the application of observation with active empathy, the humanistic perspective of operating business with a balance of technology, multi-disciplinary knowledge, and values of human behind a disruptive business model with practical innovations and transformations for a better world.

Voice on Low Carbon | Luo Xiang: Three Major Pillars to Promote "Low Carbon Shenzhen" as a First Demonstration

19 Dec 2021 

Over the past few days, the 2021 Carbon Summit Carbon Neutral Forum and the 9th Shenzhen International Low Carbon City Forum, with the theme of "Carbon Road China: Green Innovation Leads, Global Gathering Action", has been delivering strong voices in the field of low carbon. Luo Leng, the co-chairman of the Steering Committee of the Global Carbon Neutral Initiative (GCNI) and former Chief Representative of the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) in China, has worked for the United Nations for many years and is now setting up the Global Carbon Neutral Initiative Fund (GCNI) under the framework of the United Nations, as well as promoting carbon neutral demonstration zones in China in cooperation with the United Nations Development Programme.


FAO Launches Trainings in National Forest Inventories 

17 Dec 2021

The Glasgow Leaders’ Declaration on Forest and Land Use was joined by over 140 countries accounting for more than 90% of the world’s forest at COP 26. Achieving it will require transparent and accurate information on forests and land use. The FAO is providing countries with support to carry out National Forest Inventories, through a non-part training based on the Voluntary Guidelines on National Forest Monitoring. 

OECD Study Identifies Six Actions to Achieve SDG Results

17 Dec 2021

Although the uptake of the SDGs has been “slow and difficult” thus far, an OECD study of seven comparative case studies indicates the alignment of development cooperation to SDG results is possible. The report also identifies two critical factors and one game changer: support for country leadership by the international community: development partners to “change their set-ups” in order to deliver on the SDGs; and resetting long-term strategies and rethinking internal systems.  


UN Officials Say SDG6 Progress Must Quadruple 

17 Dec 2021

Sanitation for all will not materialize until the 22nd century without greater investment by governments, said UN officials on World Toilet Day. SDG 6 calls for clean water and sanitation by 2030. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres addressed the right to water and sanitation as a “basic human right,” in his remarks for the Day and called for investment and innovation along the entire “sanitation chain”.

Book Release on Modern Slavery by Mattew and Sylvia

6 Dec 2021 


On the book release supported by SIIP, two Penguin Random House authors - and husband and wife team - Matthew and Sylvia Friedman shared about their personal journeys that led to the publishing of their memoirs - Where Were You? and A Long Road to Justice. 

 Where Were You? reveals that there are more slaves in the world today than any other time in history. Enter the world of human trafficking and explore what we can do together to end this global crime.” Former United Nations and USAID expert Matthew Friedman obtained in-depth first-hand knowledge with boots-on-the-ground work over 30 years throughout Asia. 

Through Sylvia's work in journalism, counter-trafficking and philanthropy, she has had rare and incredible access to victims of sex trafficking and modern slavery in China, Thailand, Cambodia, North Korea, South Korea, Myanmar and Indonesia. Amid this terrible human suffering, she has seen frontline workers carrying a great light that has overcome the darkness in some of the most frightening places on Earth. 


Ministerial Statement Addresses Plastic Pollution, Plastic Trade 

30 Nov 2021

The statement highlights the role of trade in achieving sustainable development and the SDGs, and expresses concern over the increasing “environment, biodiversity, health and economic costs of plastic pollution”. Its proponents agree to support global efforts by, inter alia, “identifying ways to improve the understanding of global trade in plastics” and sharing experiences on how to move towards a more circular, resource-efficient, and environmentally sustainable plastics trade. The statement also notes “the value and importance” of engaging with stakeholders.

Ministerial Statement Seeks to Phase out Fossil Fuel Subsidies

30 Nov 2021

The statement recognizes that the WTO can play a central role in addressing inefficient fossil fuel subsidies, which lead to “wasteful consumption” and put renewable energy and investment in energy efficiency at a disadvantage. The statement’ proponents will develop “concrete options to advance this issue” at the WTO ahead of MC13. 


Ministerial Statement Highlights Environmental Sustainable Trade 

30 Nov 2021

The draft ministerial statement was circulated on 15 Nov 2021 at the request of 57 WTO members. The launch of the statement was delayed after the WTO’s Twelfth Ministerial Conference, due to start on 30 November, was postponed because of travel restrictions linked to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Luo Xiang: Combining with the current national situation, it is more important to promote impact investment

12 Nov 2021 

"Personally, I think I would prefer to promote social impact investment, or impact investing, in China, in the context of the current national conditions in China. There is both an overlap between it and ESG investment, but still a big difference." At the 12th Caixin Summit on November 12, 2021, with the theme of "Impact Investment: Doing Good", Luo Rong, Co-Vice Chairman of the Impact Investment and Sourcing Foundation, spoke about his views on impact investment from his own experience.

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Caixin Cloud Conference | ESG: A New Driving Force for Sustainable Business Development

27 Oct 2021 

Caixin Cloud Conference invited authoritative ESG industry experts to discuss which ESG trends Chinese companies should focus on when going global, and how to develop ESG strategies and implement ESG practices to further help Chinese companies improve their international soft power and align with the latest international ESG concepts. Speakers included: Luo Xiang, Co-Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Global Carbon Neutral Initiative and former Head of UNOPS China; Zhu Rui, Professor of Marketing, Director of the Center for Social Innovation and Brand Research, Academic Director of the EMBA Program and Top Management Education Program, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business; Tang Shaogui, Vice President of WuXi Biotechnology and Head of Corporate Communication and Public Affairs; etc.

SIIP Vice Chairman Luo Xiang: ESG is still in its "initial stage" and will get new momentum

16 Sep 2020

According to Luo, the current domestic ESG market environment is characterized by four features: the first point is that there is not enough dissemination of ESG in China, not many people really understand ESG, and there is a lack of awareness of ESG among enterprises and investors; the second point is that the standards are incomplete, and enterprises lack practical and feasible standards for practice; the third point is that the team is insufficient, and there is no professional ESG operation team, which leads to no practice direction for enterprises with ESG will; the fourth point is that there is a lack of channels, and there is a lack of channels to build bridges between ESG projects and enterprises, and between enterprises and investors.

Construction in Progress
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Caixin Roundtable Rethinking Impact Investing in China: Boundary and Foresight 

27 April 2022

Caixin created a roundtable on the theme of impact investment, actively seeking dialogue between global traditional philanthropy and top entrepreneurs in business and technology, aiming to build an exclusive knowledge and practice sharing platform to help the development of impact investment in China. The theme of the conference is "Impact Investing in China: Borders and Future". Top investors, business leaders and philanthropic leaders from home and abroad will participate in the conference, focusing on the core issues of impact investing, discussing how impact investing can change business patterns and help revitalize the economy based on global development, and analyzing how to return to the essence and meet new opportunities and challenges in the development of impact investing in China.

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