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Washing Dishes

Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all

Through social impact investments and sustainable procurement, SIIP works with partners to promote overall economic growth. These industries can provide significant job opportunities.

Cooperated Project

Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 1.19.45 PM.png

"Asia & Pacific Knowledge Economic Demonstration Zone (Beijing Fangshan)" project, and co-work with the government, funders and local leading enterprises have been successful built up the "Super Honeycomb Innovation Center" Beijing based, focus on building an International Cooperation and Innovation Platform for the World's Most Leading Science and Technology, the fields covering of "Artificial Intelligence, Financial Technology, 3D Printing and Block Chain Technology". By far, this platform has been successfully launched more than 30 promotion events and Demo-days in China, Finland, Sweden, Israel, Britain and Silicon Valley, more than 100 innovation teams from around the world have entered the platform.

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