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Super Health Food

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

 SIIP focuses on the impact of industry on physical and mental health as it invests and procures, and on the use of science and technology to improve the physical and mental health of children, youth, and the elderly.

Cooperated Project

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“Asia-Pacific LifeScience and Health Demonstration Zone" (Beidaihe New Area )”. Under this platform, in collaboration with the government, investors and leading enterprises, a number of investment promotion and international cooperation projects have been achieved, the mains are listed as the follow:

  • Project of the Brain Science Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences;

  • The international jointed course of John Hopkins Graduate School of Bioengineering;

  • The World Life Science Summit (Beidaihe), co-hosted by Hebei province and International partners;

  • The Post-operative Rehabilitation Project and associated with Proton Cancer center;

  • Pecking University stem cell center and laboratory therapy project center

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