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Dr. Luo Xiang

Co-chairman, social impact investment & procurement foundation (SIIP), former country director of the United Nations Office for Project Services-China, "Top Ten Leaders of China's Smart Economy 2020" awarded by the Economic Daily Group.

Co-Chairman's Message

Since 2007, when the Rockefeller Foundation pioneered the innovative investment concept of impact investing, it has advocated the pursuit of positive, measurable social value and environmental impact in addition to reasonable financial returns. Simply put, impact investing seeks to create positive and measurable social impact with the potential for sustainable financial growth.


Today, impact investing has made tremendous progress in terms of the scale of investment, the areas of investment, the financial and social returns, and the tremendous and sustained impact it generates. Especially in recent years, with the requirements of social environment and government regulation, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) norms for listed companies and large enterprises have been further strengthened and enhanced, and many deeply rooted concepts have emerged, such as: capital for good, technology for good, business for good, long-term valueism, etc., which make people realize that pursuing institutional or shareholder interests is no longer a company's most important goal, and that companies need to play an important role in promoting social progress, establishing their own social purpose, and building the long-term thinking of entrepreneurs and investors. We need to strengthen our thinking about the power of business and fully implement impact investing into our long-term business practices by turning it into a corporate value proposition and strategic proposition!


Since 2020, impact investing has become one of the most dynamic and innovative forces in many industries. The new energy industry, energy saving and emission reduction of traditional production enterprises, carbon capture and carbon trading, low-carbon consumption and sustainable procurement, and investment in biotechnology and medical and health care industry, especially vaccines, effective drugs and rapid testing reagents for the new epidemic, are the most relevant and influential investments for human health and pandemic relief. These investments also focused on ecological restoration, health and organic food, food production and food safety that directly improve human living environment and quality of life.

Next, "high-tech, intelligent" is the future of social impact investment. In particular, emerging high-tech technologies, mainly artificial intelligence and big data, have played a huge role in epidemic prevention and control, resource allocation and precision treatment. The demand for a large number of digital and intelligent scenarios brings explosive growth and opportunities, including precision poverty alleviation, distance education, new energy vehicles, building energy efficiency, intelligent transportation and information security, etc. We believe that the law of "science and technology constitute a primary productive force" is still eternal in the field of impact investment.


The last and most exciting thing we are seeing is the active participation of younger generations around the world. Whether from New York, Los Angeles, London, Brussels, or Manila, Hong Kong, Beijing, or Shanghai in Asia, we are seeing passionate investment funds, entrepreneurs and business leaders who are actively promoting impact investing. As their careers grow and wealth is accumulated, the younger generation will become the main driving force behind global impact investing, and their power of engagement and self-drive will be the greatest hope for the future sustainability of this this world!


We believe that companies or entities that practice impact investing are very promising. 

SIIP's mission is to provide investment strategies, methodologies, action plans and resources to support the development of investments with reasonable and sustainable financial returns and investments with transparent management, measurable and constructive social and environmental benefits that are in line with the company's own development goals.


Action is power!

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